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  1. BulletTo be successful with online video, first you must start with good video content

  2. BulletWe analyze your existing video assets and give you a report with steps to success

  3. BulletYour brand is also provided concepts for video content or "programming" guidelines for your production department / video vendor to create

  4. BulletOur sister company Action Media has great success in producing brand entertainment for

    TV and Internet, so we can also help you with this step

  1. BulletNext, we build your branded online video network using our video dashboard toolset

  2. BulletWe provide our BrandVisionTM Video Players for use on your websites and blogs

  3. BulletWe can also provide you with a VisionSiteTM CMS based microsite for your Video Channel

  4. BulletWe apply techniques to optimize video for success on major sites and search engines

  5. BulletOur BrandVisionTM techniques drive your videos to top of search

  6. BulletThis is a complete process that we manage for your team

  7. BulletWe use our experience in online video to help plan a compelling video series

  8. BulletA well produced video series drives social media success with online video marketing

  9. BulletGreat video reach across Internet generates customers and ROI

BrandVisionTM Process

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